Lifetime Warranty

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Lifetime Warranty

Automotive glass is warranted against defects due to material or workmanship only if you are the vehicle owner and if Island Xpress Glass is contacted within 30 days of discovery of defect. This is as long as no rust is found on the pinch-weld area.

You may contact Island Xpress Glass at 774-331-9482 or and we will replace the warranted product or correct the defective work at no charge upon agreed scheduling between the customer and our shop.

Proof of installation by way of receipt or invoice is required to claim defective merchandise or installation.

Recalibration Guarantee

For recalibration services, there is a one year guarantee after service is performed. Any recalibration performed before that time voids this timeline and no further guarantee is provided. Observe all safety precautions and do not rely solely on advanced safety systems until recalibration is done.

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