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Island Xpress Glass LLC offers recalibration of your windshield after replacement to ensure Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are safe. We offer pre-scans and post scans to guarantee that the driver has accurate and reliable reading from these advanced safety systems to maintain road safety.


Recalibration is the process of re-adjusting technologies such as sensors and motors setting them precisely to their original functions. Once a vehicle is equipped with safety technologies that aid in your vehicle functionality, recalibration is necessary. Neglecting the process of recalibration can be dangerous while driving and may lead to more unwarranted problems. Devices such as a dash-cam or temperature sensors require recalibration. The importance of recalibration is well known and documented across various media. Island Xpress Glass values our customers safety totally. Once a vehicle needs recalibration, we will not close out the job unless the process is completed. Our experienced staff has carried out many recalibration processes in the past some of which are displayed in Gallery.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

The development of ADAS represents one of the biggest steps forward in safety technology since the introduction of airbags in the 1970s and the requirement in 2012 that all vehicles have electronic stability control.

ADAS will flash warnings when a collision seems imminent, stop a car if the driver fails to respond, alert the driver when the vehicle is swerving out of its lane, steer the vehicle back into its lane, alert the driver to vehicles in blind spots, keep a driver from backing into objects, and maintain a safe following distance using adaptive cruise control. The systems operate by using an array of sensors feeding information about speed and distance into the vehicle’s computer system, which then informs its braking, steering, and engine control modules.


Windshield chips and cracks can be repaired with resin to prevent spider-webbing. But resin shouldn’t be used in areas that house cameras. To work optimally, ADAS requires greater glass clarity for the cameras. Today’s windshields also might contain wiper de-icers and rain sensors, potentially adding to the repair cost. As with other ADAS-related collision repairs, windshield replacement now involves sensor recalibration.

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